Creating the new foster care

Accomplishing change through:

  • Servicing at-risk families.
  • Supporting foster & adoptive families.
  • Strengthening youth who are transitioning-out of foster care with future opportunities.
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Building Awareness Within Michigan’s Foster Care System

TNFC exists to increase awareness and make a measurable impact on the foster care system through collaboration and connection. TNFC works with faith-based organizations and the community to take immediate action through filing gaps, developing permanent relationships and creating positive changes in the foster care system.

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Children In Foster Care
*Estimated based on reports by the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services.

Real Facts

Get a glimpse of Michigan Foster care

There are roughly 13,000 kids in Michigan’s foster care system.

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a real life story

Family: Loving Unconditionally

A Real Life Story About The Magic of Foster Care

Loving unconditionally is a choice. A choice this family has made as they have grown their family uniquely. No matter what comes their way, they are family. These parents could not be more proud of each of their children,and their grandchildren and for being the family they are together.

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Seeing the change

What happens when foster kids have a mentor.

More likely to go to college
More likely to take leadership role
More likely to give back

Its our time to stand up and make a difference

in the lives of the children who will shape the future of our world.