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Thank you for reaching out to us about volunteering with The New Foster Care! We are thrilled to have you join our journey in supporting the children and families of our organization. The New Foster Care depends on volunteers to provide assistance for their youth, families and program staff. As a volunteer, you will meet new friends, develop new skills and rejuvenate your spirit by contributing your talent and skills to help others.

TNFC offers various volunteer opportunities working directly with families and youth by hosting events, classes, and supporting mentorships. We are here to help connect you with our many affiliate organizations that specialize in assisting youth and families. Our staff depends on volunteers to fulfill our primary purpose of giving every foster child and family a community to be a part of.

Responsibilities and duties may vary depending on the program you select and types of service you wish to provide. The time you spend in volunteer activities varies widely on the level of commitment you are ready to provide. We look forward to having you join the TNFC family!

Click on any of the Volunteer Opportunities below to apply for the programs you are interested in. You can also download a copy of the application and DHS Clearance, which can be sent with a copy of your driver’s license to:

  • Support/ Host An In-Kind Drive
  • Car Care Workshop
  • Family Fun Day
  • Employer Mentor
  • Group/Church/Corporate Volunteering
  • Student Internship/ Field Placements

Placement Blessings:
When children come into care, they often come in with only the clothes they had on when they were removed from their home. Although foster families get some assistance, it takes some time before the subsidy is processed for them. It is the goal of The New Foster Care to help with the needs of the child(ren) for the first week of care.

The New Foster Care needs volunteers to collect items for our foster youth and families s apart of our Placement Blessings Program. Volunteers typically hold collections through their work, school, youth group, or religious group. Volunteers may ask parents, neighbors, family, and friends to donate, but we discourage soliciting strangers door-to-door.

How you can help:

  1. You can donate items directly to the program by contacting our office. Take a list of the items in HIGH need- attached here- and we can arrange pick up or schedule a drop off of the items.
  2. If your organization, employer, school or family would like to plan and coordinate a drive to help collect a large number of items on the list we can help with that too! We will help with the planning and coordination of the event.

If you have basic car maintenance skills or if you are a licensed mechanic, we need your help to provide a much-needed service to teens in foster care and those transitioning out. Our world today relies heavily on vehicle transportation, and our volunteer’s knowledge in basic motor mechanics will be an invaluable skill to our youth in their day to day life! We want to empower our youth to discover their passions and begin long-lasting careers by working with experienced mentors like you!

Due to the audience being served at this event we must ensure that all volunteers complete application, background check and pre-screening orientation.

Click the button below or contact our Volunteer coordinator Cristalynn Johnson at

The New Foster Care is honored to serve families in their foster/adoptive journey through providing opportunities to create positive memories for the children in their care. This free event is intended exclusively for foster and adoptive families complete with carnival bounces, crafts, food, games, music and more! This year it will feature a “parent zone section” for adults to enjoy coffee, massages, and music for that much needed time out. The confidentiality and privacy of foster and adoptive families is very important to the success of this event. If you are interested in referring a family, please direct them to email to register.

If you’re interested in volunteering for a Family Fun Day event, click the button below or contact Cristalynn Johnson at

In an effort to support youth transitioning out of the foster care system, we have developed an employer mentorship program that places young adults with a foster care background in jobs with companies such as yours. The New Foster Care will work with an assigned mentor within your organization to support future success.

As an employer mentor, you will have the unique opportunity to impact youth through hands-on soft skills development and expose them to a supportive work-based learning environment. Many youth who age out of Foster Care often face a cycle of unstable housing which directly affects their education and graduation from school. This makes it difficult to find a job or secure sustainable income.

Click the button below to learn more about how your organization could be partnered with a young person in our employer mentorship program or email Tiffany Marshall at

There are a number of options for group volunteering. We will work with your group one-on-one to determine the perfect project for you. Already have an idea? Share it with us, and we would love to help! Please give us at least a week’s notice to plan your event.

Examples of group volunteering include, Hosting a Meet and Greet with The New Foster Care for the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange, Sponsoring a Support Group Meeting, Host a Family Fun Day, Organizing a food/clothing drive, etc. Click the button below or contact Cristalynn Johnson at to plan out your next group volunteer activity.

Internships with The New Foster Care organization are available in a variety of different fields. We accept Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s students. Placement is limited and are granted based on availability of supervisors in your field of study, and your hours of availability to complete your internship. Weekend and evening hours are NOT available to complete internship hours. Placement is not guaranteed. All positions will be filled within a month of a semester starting. Those inquiring after the start of a semester will be placed on a waiting list for the following semester. Click the link below or contact Cristalynn Johnson at to learn more about available internship opportunities.

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