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Why should you become a parent?

There are approximately 13,000 children in foster care who have been abused, abandoned and neglected and need a loving and supportive home.

Each year there are approximately 3,586 children who need to be adopted to have a forever family.

Without individuals willing to open their homes and hearts these children will not have a place to call home.

How do I become a parent?

Contact The New Foster Care for assistance in the journey to become a foster/adoptive home. Here are the suggested steps provided by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services:


Call a navigator

Call a Foster Care Navigators at 855-MICHKIDS to get started.

Contact a Navigator to assist you through the process at 855-MICHKIDS. Navigators have experience in the process and are able to guide you through your journey of becoming a licensed foster home.


Attend an orientation

Attend an Orientation to bring clarification to the process of what is needed and answer questions you may have as you are getting started.


Complete the application

After orientation, the agency you selected will provide you with a licensing application packet.

Complete the application that is provided by the agency that you have been selected. The application generally will include:

  • Fingerprinting
  • Application to be a foster home
  • Directions for submitting the fingerprinting form as well as the application.
  • Requirements for medical records for the family.
  • Additional paperwork may be required per agency guidelines.

Participate in a home evaluation

Provide an opportunity for a home evaluation to the agency.


Attend free training

Attend the mandatory Parent Resource for Information Development and Education (PRIDE) training. The training provides helpful tools and information to prepare individual for becoming a foster home.

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